April Album 2016

Upcoming events include:

  • swimming at Portage Pool
  • March Assembly and Hi 5 Winners
  • puppet show
  • local MP visit
  • and so much more! 

March Memories 2016

In like a lamb came March and along with that came a great celebration of learning:

Check out memorable March memories including:

  • Month-end assembly for February
  • a generous presentation to the school
  • Sienna Quintal, our 2016 Junior Achievement Ra Ra Award Recipient 
  • St Patrick's Day
  • Wood Buffalo Library visit
  • National Arts Council visit by Walter Whitebear
  • Student-Led Conferences or parent-teacher Interviews
  • and much, much, more!
We kicked off March with an assembly to celebrate students attendance- here is a happy group with over 95% attendance for the month of February! Yeah! 
These kids had perfect attendance- way to stay so cool by coming to school every day does count! 
We also celebrated readers who leveled up in the mid-year Benchmarks. Let's see if everyone in the school can level up by June! 
Hi 5 winners from each of the classes are honored for their achievements in February. 
Employees of Endbridge held a 50/50 draw at Christmas and money raised was donated to our school for equipment.  The winner of the 50/50 gave their loot over to us.  Thanks everyone for your generosity! 
Sienna Quintal our 2016 Ra Ra Winner... congratulations! 
Sienna with other Ra Ra Junior Achievement winners from around Northland School Division. Congratulations everyone! 
Happy St Patrick' Day
What a cute little lucky charm!
From all our little leprechauns 
Brenna popped out with some St. Paddy's Day tales.
We love being read to!
Such a good folktale!  See you next month at the puppet show!
Going for the gold in the 2nd Annual Spelling Bee.
Ms. Reck presents to Braden Campbell the Scrabble Club prize to help him throughout the off season build his spelling skills.
After 10 exciting rounds, Shashawna Tremblay takes 2nd place.
Congratulations to our 1st place winner- Aiden Baptiste
Walter Whitebear popped in to share music with the students
Many loved especially when he played this flute!
Our students loved his presentation!
The gr. 7-9s were captivated
especially when he raised the roof with his pow wow singing
The students in the grade 4-6 class get ready for student led conferences
They role plav with each other as student and guardian... it will be exciting for sure!
 And we are all set to meet with the parents and celebrate our success!
Thanks to all parents and students who showed up...
for our 3rd annual celebration of learning! 

February Fotos 2015

Happy Groundhog's Day,

Happy Valentine's Day,

Happy Alberta Family Day,

Happy Flag Day,

Happy, happy, everyday!

Stay tuned for photos featuring:

  • January's assembly re attendance awards and class Hi 5 Awards
  • Babysitting and first aid training in the grade 4-5-6 class
  • Valentine Celebrations
  • Oil Barons storm the school
  • Cenovus pops by for gym
  • Pink Shirt Day
  • much, much, more!
Mr. Carson presents the 5 Hi Awards for the month of January to: Latasha Adby and Brayden Quintal in the grade 7-9 class ( back row); from right- Kobe Ward and Mya Quintal from the gr.4-5-6 class and Cherish Soosay (left front) from the K-3 class.
Attendance Achievement- 100% Wow!! 
Attendance Achievement
more reading.
Robin, the St. John Ambulance instructor teaches the students in the grade 4-5-6 class how to properly hold a baby.
Kobe is a natural!
Seneca gives it a try.
Ahhh... they all look like experts!
Bonding with baby!
Shashawna looks like a pro!
Next... let's try our hand at diaper changing... Ethan and his brother 
Logan look old hands at this.
Braden is comfortable around his baby.
So is Seneca.
Jenny tries her hand at dressing the baby.
Darnell does too!
Seneca knows how to swaddle a baby and shares with the class
Sienna is proud of her bundle.
and she is learning to juggle a baby and a book!
Robin shows the class how to baby bottle feed a baby
Logan bonds with his baby over feeding
Shashawna feeds her baby
Jenny settles her wee one
Seneca has it down! 
Day 2: Students learn choking and CPR for children.
Everyone was such good listeners! 
It was interactive and fun!
Shashawna learns about how to help a choking baby too
It was hard to get the right amount of force... but Sienna was mighty! 
Checking on the baby to see it he or she was breathing.
Darnell and Jenny practice the recovery position.
Braden enjoys his Valentine's cookie from Ms. Olivia and her family.
Actually all of the grade 4-5-6 class did!
So did the k-3 class. Thanks Miss Olivia! 
The Oil Barons from Fort Mac
 visit the school- February 22/16
They met with students for some reading 
and more reading.
Plus they shared some online literacy as well as just 
chatting and 
hanging with the students- little or 
Some of the players mixed it up
They even shared some moves on the ice. Come back soon! 
Pink Day at Conklin  was was well represented by students and members of the Conklin Kids Do Care Club.
Some Cenovus crew stopped by to join in our gym class
Thanks for coming!
Reece enjoyed being a goalie.
Good time... thank you!
Brooke gets some pointers to dodge ball.
High energy with the k-3 class for sure!
Thanks for coming! 
The grade 7-9s enjoyed the visit too... Come back soon!

Family Literacy Day/ Cook-off Challenge 2016

A great evening was enjoyed at the school by the community.  Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in our Family Literacy Night and Cook-off Challenge.

As Mr. Carson suggests- 


Please keep reading to your children.

Like cooking, it’s a skill that will last a lifetime!


Team Cenovus pitches in with Family Literacy Day
What a tough job to judge the stews and 
Chili that our community prepared...glad our Divisional Lead of Literacy Janette Cavanaugh could be on hand!
Some cooking tips from our chefs: School Board Member Wendy-uses baked beans!
Chef Linda suggests smoked moose meat in her stew.
Lynn suggests lots of chili powder and heaps of veggies.
For her secret- traditional Rubaboo with a modern twist -Sara's not telling!
Chef Joanne uses 5 kinds of beans and pineapple in her Veggie Chili.
School Board Member Shirley uses Oxo Cubes and Swiss Chalet Gravy Powder in her stews!
Sisters Brenda and Joanne claim love is all one needs in their stews and chilies!
K-3 teacher Mrs. Kaziuk claims Hersey's Chocolate and egg noodles for her family's special chili recipe. 
Ms. Marjorie's 1st pot "went missing" so she made a 2nd pot for our competition.  Thank you!! ( Any idea who emptied the 1st pot??) 
Ms. Alvina shared her secret-lots of veggies!
Ms. Dolores Pruden gave the Blessing
Very festively laid out in hopes of winning the Conklin Cook-off
 Yummy looking stew!
 Tasty looking bannock!
And it sure is as Peggy bites right in!
Joanne and Jazz are ready to eat! 
It looks sooo good!
Patrick and Brayden dive in for seconds!
Everyone is enjoying- but eager to hear who has won the Cook-Off.
But first- door prizes are drawn
Gwen Letendre, Shirley Tremblay (not  shown) and 
Dillen Bone are proud of their wins!
Hot and Spicy /Best Chili goes to Roxanne Powder!
Joanne Clarke's chili won as Runner Up.
Honorable Mention to Latasha Adby... our very own grade 9 student... yeah Latasha!  PS: Her secret- approved by her family!
Best Stew goes to Brenda Quintal- Congrats!!
Runner Up in the stew category goes to Lynn Richards
Congratulations everyone... Jacob loved it all!!
Strolling Down Memory Lane with old photos  of classmates from days gone by.
Ms. Aneta, the school custodian, spies a photo of her daughter Jenny.
Colleen enjoys the photos and the memories too!
Interesting to see how everyone has grown and changed too!
School Board Member Kathy and Cenovus volunteer makes some toasty warm hot chocolate for all to enjoy.
Clearly, these boys do enjoy!
Especially with the cookies made by the grade k-3 class... thanks!
Jenny and Darnell enjoy the Internet Cafe
which was hosted in the library.
Some spent much of the evening outside playing ball hockey like Ethan.
Braden looked fierce as the goalie.
Mya enjoyed sledding as did 
Shashawna.  Thanks everyone for coming!  
Yeah Team Cenovus... see you again next year!

January 2016

It may be cold outside and our animal friends may need a little extra TLC, but at Conklin Community School we are hot and ENERGIZED about moving, reading and learning! Check out snaps from

  • the floor hockey challenge with the RMWB's RCMP Detachment
  • a visit from the Wood Buffalo Regional Library
  • Miss Olivia stops by to play with the Scrabble Club
  • playing in the snow
  • and so much more...
It might be freezing rain in some parts of the division, but Brooke enjoys making a snow chum during lunch!
Some of the gr.4/5/6 class create a snow chum too!
T'is the best kind of snow to build a fort!
Keaton makes a chum too... what a great recess today!
Mis. Brenna Smith from the WBRL gets the school rocking about the upcoming poetry contect across Wood Buffalo
Miss Olivia pitches in with Scrabble... thanks Miss Olivia... please join us again! 
Hi 5 Award Winners for December-Seneca, Landon, Sienna and James next to Mr. Carson. 
Students with 100% attendance- way to stay in school kids, cool! 
Students with 95% attendance.
Students with 90% attendance.
Jacob was the winner of this month's Division Award for a student in grade 9- 12 with better than 90% attendance. 
Energize Scrimmage -Monty is all set to play floor hockey!
Grade 4/5/6 class are ready! 
Braden acted as the class goalie... great gear, Braden!
They face off again!
Good game guys... you scored on 'em 4 times!
The students of Grade 4/5/6 enjoy a great game of floor hockey verses Mr. Carson and the RCMP.
K-3 class with the RCMP and Monty the mascot.
The K-3 class meet Monty.
They played pin guard.
Shashawna explains the game to everyone.
Lots of fun!
Watch out!
That was fun!
Monty gets a warm hug from Brooke!
And one from Terrence too!
The Junior High Class enjoy floor hockey with the RCMP.
Loads of energy...
even for Mr. Carson too who acted a goalie and 
Mr. Ricketts who gave it his all!
Some of the E-Learning joined in too!
Yeah Conklin Kids!!
Nice game!
Thanks to Cst. Cameron, Cst. Dukjic, Cst. McGratten and Cst. Napolean for coming!

October 2015 Pics

This month you can revisit:

  • First Aid Training in the gr. 7-9 class 
  • Conklin Kids Do Care Club's Food Drive
  • Student Vote
  • Authors visits
  • Memories from Halloween
Grade 7-9s learn First aid.
Mr. Rickett's follows the instructor's directions
The class all try their hand at CPR
Jeff tries.
Instructor Jobina Dean shares techniques 
Sherice observes while Jobina shares the skill
Test time...
Everyone passed!
The Conklin Kids Do Care Club with the donations gathered during the Fall Fest.
The Club packs up the goodies...
The Conklin Kids DO Care Club package the donations gathered during the Fall Fest.  All donations will go to the Community Cupboard at the hall.
Conklin Kids Do Care organized the Student Vote at the school... 
Alysha and Sienna check to see that the voter- Tyrel is registered.
Kylie receives her ballot to vote.
Tyrel enjoys a secret ballot... we cannot share who he voted for!
Sherice is keen to a responsible citizen of Conklin.
Sienna ensures that the voter gets his ballot into the ballot box correctly.
Brayden gets ready to vote- students in grade k-12 had the opportunity to exercise their democratic rights with this Federal Election.
Students in the k-3 class are even keen to have their voice heard and vote!
Logan is a responsible member of the grade 4-6 class who takes voting seriously!
The High school students take part- anyone under the age of 18 could vote in the Student Vote  Federal Election.
So important to ensure that the ballot goes right in!
Reece is a proud voter!
Sorry... adult voting takes place at the hall on October 19th, Randy!
Sheila and Kailee Chatrand- a mother and daughter team from Wood Buffalo share a story and tips on how to become an author.
The grade 4-6 class really cracked the code that Jacqueline Guest shared about The Titanic.
Happy Halloween from the Devon Party at the Hall.
Guess who is mighty?
Pretty and polished... all set for the ball!
What a great gang of guys!
And a great group of girls!
Ms. Reck's class sends greetings to all- Happy Halloween!!