ConocoPhillips Coaching Kids

Coaching Kids at Conklin

(Reece Atkinson shares a story as Shashawna Tremblay and leaders Patti Dwyer and Kaylene Mackinnon listen in.

Last year, Conklin Community School had another great opportunity to encourage leadership in students by implementing an Aboriginal Youth Reader Mentorship Program at the school.  The pilot program was created in part by the Literacy Lead- Ms. Reck and the Rotary Club of Fort McMurray and was funded fully by ConocoPhillips.

Shahawna Tremblay and Reece Atkinson expressed interest and received training on how to select and share interesting books to build literacy skills of younger peers at the school. Thank you Shashawna and Reece for your dedication to your young students and the program.

Thank you ConocoPhillips and the Rotary Club of Fort Mc Murray for your support on this initiatives for our students.  

Details about our year 2 program will be coming soon!