Conklin Kids DO Care Club

Mighty Peace Day Here We Come!

When we first started, some of us thought we were too small to make a difference!

On May 1-3 the students of the leadership club- The Conklin Kids Do Care Club have been invited to participate in the Mighty Peace Day festivities in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  

We have been selected to attend because we have positively contributed to local, national and global issues.  Since the club has started in 2013, our small club has been mighty committed to helping others through the following projects:

  • Food Drives for the Community Cupboard
  • Book Drives for Conklin Community Lending Shelf
  • School Library Tidy-up Project
  • Peace Day
  • Project Christmas Child
  • Pink Day
  • Orange Day
  • Hats Off to Mental Health Day
  • Valentine's Campaign for a terminally ill child at Elizabeth School in Elizabeth Settlement
  • Running Student Vote- provincial and federal elections

We have already impressed the superintendent of the schools with our community engagement so much that he has agreed to cover our bus fees to and from Grande Prairie!   Thank you very much for your generosity, Mr. Atkinson! 

Mighty Peace Day is an event which will be filled with speakers, performers, singers and storytellers who will inspire us to continue to make this a better planet for all!  

For more information, check out:

In the meantime, club members have been learning about writing persuasive letters to seek sponsorship for their big adventure. Stay tuned for more about their adventure!