AMA Youth Run Club

Let's Get Energized!

We are... we are energized!

Since we started last fall, we have now traveled all the way through Atlantic Canada and are heading to Quebec! 

If you have some time or are visiting at the school, why not join us in the gym most mornings as we journey the steps that Terry Fox took during his heroic trek across Canada for Cancer research- you can walk, jog or run the distance as we get fit to some cool tunes too.  

As we get fit walking, jogging or running we hope to build our endurance and stamina.

Youth Running Club starts at 8:30 a.m. in the gym Tuesdays- Fridays.  

Youth Run Clubs are found all across the country- the Club has grown from just 75 schools in 2012/13 to 363 schools and over 22,000 participants in 2015/16.  

Way to go Conklin for coming on board this school year. Go Conklin!