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TLC Family Literacy Day

There was much care shown during the Conklin Kids Do Care Club and the grade.3/4/5 TLC Family Literacy Day Event at Conklin Community School.  The students gathered in the library in their p-jammies to put their recent unit on Melvil Dewey’s Classification System to the test as they returned and stacked books on the shelves. Afterwards they built nests and nooks and snuggled with books for story share by various guest readers including parents, staff and members of the Local School Board Committee. After crunching lunch with guests, the students participated in a “Serve it up Literacy” volleyball scrimmage where questions were served up about favorite characters from recent novels shared in class.

The students settled down to enjoy some time on their Chrome Books listening to stories from Tumble-books while they enjoyed cookies created in science class on Monday for this special literacy event. According to many present, the cookies were delicious and were enjoyed more so with the decadent designer hot chocolate served. A couple of students were overheard hoping that the day would never end. Ah, the love of literacy is alive and well at Conklin Community School!

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