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Wesley Silliker appointed as Conklin Community School Principal

Northland School Division No.61 (NSD) is pleased to announce the appointment of Wesley Silliker as Conklin Community School Principal. Wesley spent the past two years as vice-principal and acting principal at Athabasca Delta Community School (ADCS) in Fort Chipewyan.

“I have worked in administration in Northland and am well aware of the duties and responsibilities that the position involves both in the school and community,” Silliker said. “I feel that my experience at ADCS, combined with my desire to move our division forward would be an asset to Conklin Community School.”

Wesley started his educational career in New Brunswick in 2011, as a substitute teacher for School District 16 in Miramichi where he would teach various grades and subjects. In February of 2012, Wesley joined NSD teaching English to junior and senior high students at ADCS. Wesley would teach English for the next three years before becoming vice-principal. In 2016-2017, Wesley stepped in as acting principal.

“During my time at ADCS, I developed positive relationships and an excellent rapport with students and community which I feel are invaluable to an administration position,” said Silliker.

Silliker has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of New Brunswick. In 2011, he earned a Bachelor of Education Degree at Crandall University and also obtained a Laubach Literacy of Canada Certification in 2003.  


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