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1st Annual Conklin Community School Spelling Bee

It was an exciting first Spelling Bee at Conklin Community School as contestants competed in the school’s first ever Spelling Bee. Members of the Club committed in January and attended weekly spelling meets during recess where they practiced, played and rehearsed for the Spelling Bee. Members of the school and the community including proud parents and family attended the tense competition in the school library. It was quite the competition too as not even a whisper could be heard as participants spelled their words. Congratulations to all participants- they are indeed all winners for dedicating such time, energy and enthusiasm to this event. The Spelling Bee Club would like to thank all the guests who took time out of their busy schedules to attend our first inaugural event. And also to those that just could not attend, thanks for your support in helping us get ready by helping us with our word study.

1st Annual Conklin Community School Spelling Bee


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